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Over the past few years, this film programme has generated parallel activities that have taken it from the auditorium to other spaces—to exhibition galleries, seminar rooms and the archive, and to cinemas and auditoriums in other cities. The ultimate aim is to further knowledge and a greater understanding of the cinema we promote.

“THAT'S NOT ENTERTAINMENT! Cinema Begets Cinema”

In 2006, the CCCB presented That's not Entertainment! Cinema Begets Cinema”, curated by Andrés Hispano and Antoni Pinent, to mark the fifth anniversary of Xcentric, its regular film and video programme.

The exhibition explored the cinema of ideas, which falls outside the entertainment industry, and the making and content of which demonstrate the artistic, thought-provoking and documentary potential of the medium.

“THAT'S NOT ENTERTAINMENT! Cinema Begets Cinema” explored this potential in the form of filmmakers and practices that illustrate the creative scope of what we call cinema, an art and an experience which, over and above its narrative function, includes abstraction, handmade cinema, appropriation, provocation and self-examination.

The exhibition presented key figures and movements in experimental and independent film, not with a view to presenting an alternative history to that of mainstream cinema, but to define film in terms of practices which often contravene commonplaces, presenting a world of cinema that can be likened to painting, music or essay-writing.